group3Mentoring – With high respect to the unique worth and potential of each individual, we help in a non-judgemental way to guide students with emotional, intellectual, and academic matters throughout their years in school, until they graduate from high school and/or college. Mentoring, otherwise known as ‘coaching’, services are specialized for each individual and cover a wide range of services, including counseling, academic consulting, and tutoring when needed. These services are the signature services of MyMindMentor and are highly regarded by student throughout the world.

overwhelmedTutoring – Specialized academic tutoring in one or more subject area for advancing performance and outcome in a specific subject or for a specific test.

Consulting – Discovering the future path of an individual can be frightening without guidance. Academic consulting helps students pre-select a career path in a field or fields that they have true talents in so that they are ready to excel in their future.


Through guided testing and one-on-one consulting, we plan a career path and make goals towards achieving those goals, from getting into a specific university or school, learning a foreign language, becoming an astronaut, going to a technical school to learn a trade, or graduating from high school. Academic consulting helps students make the decisions they will not regret later in life.